A Skiing Lunatic & Fitness Nut Combined Into One

Yep, this is me ready to drop into some nice steep & deep stuff!

I'm assuming since you're at this site, that you're a nut about skiing just like me.  

There's nowhere in the world I'd rather be than floating down a super-steep vertical in waist-deep powder with no worries except for how much powder is going to hit me in the face on my next 10 or 20 ridiculous turns down the mountain. 

A powder day is something that only us hard-core skiers can appreciate... it puts a huge smile on our faces and leaves us with a high that lasts for the rest of the day.  Our non-skier friends don't understand that it's almost like a drug. Some of us may even have dreams at night anticipating our next epic powder day.

I put together this skiing fitness program because I saw that there was a huge lack of quality information available out there on this topic.

To make things worse, most of the ski-specific routines I was seeing in publications and websites were actually potentially detrimental as they promoted machines and the wrong types of exercises that either don't carry over well to skiing or can cause muscle imbalances and injuries over time.

Also, I saw that most people (including myself previously) tended to struggle with excessive leg fatigue that would lead to stumbling later in the day and even quitting early.  And nobody wants to quit early when the conditions are epic!

I feel that what I've put together here is the most comprehensive skier fitness program available for legs of steel that can endure anything the slopes throw at them.

A little more about me...


My name is Mike Geary, and I'm not only the author of this skiing fitness program, but I'm also the author of the best selling fitness ebook in the world - The Truth about Six Pack Abs .  I authored the abs book several years ago and it has quickly become the world's top selling fitness ebook on the entire internet (as ranked by clickbank.com) with readers in over 150 countries worldwide. 

My Lean-Body Secrets Ezine has over 325,000 subscribers from just about every country around the globe who enjoy all of the random nutrition topics, recipes, and unique training tips that I feature weekly.

Sorry, didn't mean to make that last section sound like bragging... but I just wanted to make sure you know that you can count on me for solid quality information in all of my products without any gimmicks or slick marketing tricks that you're accustomed to being exposed to these days in the media.

Download your own copy of the innovative Avalanche Ski Training Fitness Program today, and get started on skiing longer and harder on legs that never give up and will be healthier and stronger for years to come.

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